Her Legacy

Michelle’s work and love of this world continue in a number of ways:

Michelle Kendrick Memorial Scholarship: “This scholarship is in memory of Dr. Michelle Kendrick, the founder and director of the Digital Technology and Culture program at WSU Vancouver. She was described by many as being lovely, passionate, funny, generous, fierce and very smart.  She loved the outdoors, rode horses and motorcycles and ran marathons. This scholarship goes to support a student enrolled in the program she created.” Please give a donation to the scholarship:


The  Computers and Composition  Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award. Inaugurated in 2006, this award recognizes the creation of outstanding digital productions, digital environments, and/or digital media scholarship. It acknowledges that any single mode of communication, including the alphabetic, can represent only a portion of meaning that authors/designers might want to convey to audiences. As does our field, this award recognizes the intellectual and creative effort that goes into such work and celebrates the scholarly potential of digital media texts and environments that may include visuals, video animation, and/or sound, as well as printed words. This new award is dedicated to Michelle Kendrick, who passed away in 2006.  Her outstanding scholarship continues to make its mark on the field.


Memorial Bench at WSU: Michelle’s family donated a bench to Washington State University in Vancouver. Located in a popular student gathering spot, the bench reminds all of Michelle’s contribution to the campus.

Memorial at Powell Butte: Michelle boarded her horses at stables near this 600-acre park in Southeast Portland. She spent many happy hours thundering Elvis around the horse trails. Her family provided a picnic table with a plaque at the highest point in the park, to remember her joy in life, and to provide others a place to enjoy the park for generations to come.

Michelle's family visiting the bench at Powell Butte, Mother's Day, 2007.
Michelle’s family at the Powell Butte memorial table, Mother’s Day, 2007.